Modular Retreat

Nestled in the mountains of Tokamaru Bay, New Zealand, the Plug-In Retreat is a contemplative getaway for hikers and other people seeking adventure. The isolated structure accessed by a funicular transports visitors to the utopian world. After ascending the mountain, guests are welcomed with an infinite view of the coast. The sweeping gesture of the structural grid hugs the cliff, framing the expansive view toward the sea. Upon entering, the futuristic themes of Jules Verne’s work provide a comfortable space for people to compare the futuristic predictions made by Verne to their own. The two-part program combines a reading area with a retrospective meditation room and exterior roof deck. The sloping site is pierced by a curvilinear grid structure, which allows 3D printed prefabricated modules to lifted into place with a crane. The modularity of the Retreat organizes the various functional spaces, while the openings in the grid foreshadow potential expansion. 

Tokomaru Bay, New Zealand

Location of the buidling on the mountain

Operational Diagrams show the progress of the form, location of site and movement for design of the building

Process Model

Floor Plan at Third Level

Floor Plan at Fourth Level

Floor Plan at First Level

Floor Plan at Second Level

Material and Furniture exploration for the spaces designed

Second Floor Reading Room 

Exterior view from the hiking trail

Entryway from the Funicular drop-off

Exterior stairway to the other pods

Final Model

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