The Thread - Seaside Environmental Center

The Thread, a seaside environmental center is for historians and interests for architectural and material history. The visitors enter into an arranged parking space adjacent to the Cape Henlopen Site. The placement of the building is meant to engage visitors between the new building and the old historical site. Almost touching the historical site, the building develops into a form which guides the visitor into the building or to the sea. Sustainable strategies guide the design, structure and programmatic placement of spaces. 

Initial Sketches

Operational Diagrams show the progress of the form for design of the building

Climatic Analysis

Vegetation around the site

Access to the site

View from the site

Existing site conditions

Sustainable strategies, Wind directions

Initial sketch 

Site Plan

Floor Plans and Longitudinal Section

Traverse Section

Sustainable strategies

Interior Views

Exploded Axonometric

Final model

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